Let’s try this again

I’m back! In the past year or so since I published my last post I got tired – because it turns out that parenting is fucking tiring – and I took a nap- apparently a REALLY long nap – but now I’m back! It might be  a year later, but I am once again ready to share my life with the strangers (I’m being optimistic making that plural) that stumble upon my page.

My updated life

In the past year, a few things have changed since I wrote my first post introducing myself.

  • I got married. It’s official, we are traditional family now. What will my crazy colleague judge me about now (don’t worry lady, I can provide you with plenty of material). 28954440_602952200052246_6837604893439060839_o
  • We adopted a puppy. I had a brief moment of insanity and decided that we needed to add a puppy to our loud and hectic life. He is cute though, so he can stay.37327167_10156503472104153_5394364492962332672_n
  • Theo finally started sleeping through the night- I don’t want to say that this is the bullet point that I am most excited about, but…  37285779_10156503472024153_7041184881304403968_n